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Pamela Mary’s New Song, ‘PARADISE TEXAS,’ is About More Than Just the Lone Star State

"Founded on Faith n' 90s Country"
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"PARADISE TEXAS," Pamela Mary’s second new original solo since her 2020 debut original, "Ready to Fly," sings of loving where you live, because you love the one/s you’re with.

Caitlin Cannon Photography/courtesy of the artist

The song, “PARADISE TEXAS,” which dropped on all digital music platforms Friday, September 25, 2020, is the second original song from Pamela Mary since branching out with a solo career from her previous Texas Country band last summer.  Listening to the song, you get a sense that paradise is more than just a place.

"PARADISE TEXAS" lyric video filmed in the Texas Hill Country

The first verse sings of traveling from somewhere with movie stars and mansions that a lot of people might view as a paradise, but money and notoriety can’t buy happiness and love. She says that one of the worst feelings is being alone in a crowd. “Well, the City of Angels sure was nice / But I sure am missing home / Too many strangers on a walk of fame / But where I come from everybody knows my name.”


Pamela Mary reveals having moved a lot in her life and not having “grown up” in one particular place.  The two places she says she likes best are Florida, her birthplace, and Texas, her current home. Pamela Mary frequently says, “Born in Florida, gonna die in Florida,” but she says she really loves the southern hospitality of Texans. She has another single on her 2021 album that talks about the, “Yes, ma’am”s and polite charm that a lot of the Texas gentlemen exhibit, which she highly values. “I think women should be respected and treated like ladies, and I like that about Texans.”


Having fallen in love in Texas, Pamela Mary sings about loving where you live because you love the one you’re with. She says it’s true that, “Home really is where the heart is.” Though she doesn’t gamble herself, her lyrics, “You can bet your life it’s a real good life / If you got a good hand to hold,” are a play on words nodding at the popular poker game, Texas Hold ‘Em. Having received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2016, what she really means is that, “You can get through anything if you’re holding the hand of the one you love.”


Though she was born in the 80s, she fell in love with country music in the 90s (Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, George Strait), hence her tagline, “Founded on Faith n’ 90s Country.” All of the tracks on Pamela Mary’s upcoming 2021 album have a lot of that 90s country influence, founded on faith and splashed with her positive personality.


“Pamela is a double threat – Killer vocals and songwriter rolled into one artistic package.” ~ Clay Mills, "Paradise Texas" co-writer (Multi-Grammy nominated/16-time hit songwriter)


For updates, visit www.PamelaMaryMusic.com.

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