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Pamela Mary’s New Song, ‘TAKE DOWN A GIANT,’ Spreads Hope in the Hurting

"Founded on Faith n' 90s Country"
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"TAKE DOWN A GIANT," Pamela Mary’s fourth new original solo since her 2020 debut original, "Ready to Fly," sings of finding hope in the hurting.
Caitlin Cannon Photography /courtesy of the artist


Pamela Mary


Pamela Mary Announces the Release of Her Latest Single, “Take Down a Giant”

Houston, TX - Country artist Pamela Mary shares her personal story of health challenges with the release of her latest single, TAKE DOWN A GIANT,” now available on all digital platforms.

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"Take Down a Giant" official lyric video

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2016, only two years after being declared cancer-free following ovarian tumor surgery, Pamela is no stranger to the roller coaster ride of health struggles. “Take Down a Giant” is about finding strength, courage, and hope in the midst of fighting formidable battles.


“I decided to release this single as my first single of the new year to share my message of hope and courage with everyone who is going through a challenge, whether it’s a mental, physical, financial, or relational,” she says. 


The inspiration behind “Take Down a Giant” came from Max Lucado’s book, “Facing Your Giants,” which centers around the story of David and Goliath. “Focus on giants, you stumble. Focus on God, your giant’s tumble…David fell as much as he stood, and stumbled as often as he conquered,” wrote Lucado. Deeply affected by those words, Pamela chose to share her story in song, hoping to inspire others facing their Goliath. 


While Pamela finds her strength through faith and trust in God, there are days that she doesn’t want to fight. “Some days, I’m just tired of fighting.” But, like David, she gets up again. 


Pamela Mary is a Texas-based musician who describes her music as, “Founded on Faith n’ 90s Country.” All of the tracks on her upcoming 2021 album have a 90s country influence that are founded on her faith in Christ and splashed with her fun-loving, positive personality.


“Pamela is a double-threat – killer vocals and songwriting rolled into one artistic package.” - Clay Mills, Multi-Grammy nominated hit song writer.

As a Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Practitioner, she devotes her spare time to improving her health and helping others, and she plans to lead beach retreats for women newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is also an active member of the National MS Society and the Ovarcome Ovarian Cancer Foundation.


Although she will always be fighting, Pamela will not let the Goliath stop her.


“I’m not a hero, I’m only a human

Battling demons, and some days I’m losing”

But, “Even the smallest of us can take down a giant.” 


TAKE DOWN A GIANT” is her fight song for everyone whose Goliath looms large.


For more information, visit: www.pamelamarymusic.com



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