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Pamela Mary’s New Song, ‘TEACHING US TO LIVE,’ Finds Inspiration in Affliction

"Founded on Faith n' 90s Country"
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"TEACHING US TO LIVE," Pamela Mary’s sixth new original solo since her 2020 debut original, "Ready to Fly," sings of God’s gift of inspiration which can come in so many forms
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Pamela Mary


Pamela Mary Announces the Release of Her Latest Single, “Teaching Us to Live”

Houston, TX - “Teaching Us to Live”, the newest single by Country artist Pamela Mary, will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, April 29, 2022. “Teaching Us to Live” is about God’s gift of inspiration which can come in so many forms.

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"Teaching Us to Live" official lyric video

Pamela Mary was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016. She is no stranger to the roller coaster ride of health struggles: this diagnosis came only two years after a surgery declared her cancer-free. She addressed her physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational battles by writing “Take Down a Giant”, based on the story of David and Goliath. It’s a song about finding strength, courage, and hope while fighting challenges. 


Pamela Mary released the song in 2021 and her fans were so blown away by “Take Down a Giant” that it was nominated as a Texas Country Music Association top five finalist for Christian Country Single of the Year. 


Many fans related to her message of hope, and the single was a hit. One of those fans, a family member of a little girl, Maelynn, reached out to her. Maelynn is currently 8 years old battling a rare form of childhood cancer. Her family was so deeply touched by “Take Down a Giant” that it became their fight song. They asked if Pamela Mary would perform at a fundraiser and she was thrilled to do so. The event raised over $20,000 to help pay for Maelynn’s medical bills. 


But while Maelynn and her family found strength through Pamela Mary’s music, Pamela Mary also found inspiration in Maelynn’s story. 


“’Take Down a Giant,’ about my battle with MS and the ensuing relational struggles, is my song that means the most to me as a human. But this song, ‘Teaching Us to Live,’ about a little girl battling a rare form of cancer, is the song that means the most to my heart. I would give anything to have to battle my MS plus her cancer if I could take it away from her.”


Maelynn touched Pamela Mary’s heart, as she sings of the gift that Maelynn is:

Everyday you teach us to live
In a world that don’t always make perfect sense
Giving more than you should have to give
With your heart of gold and a spirit that won’t quit
God’s beautiful perfect gift, Teaching Us to Live 


Pamela Mary is a Texas-based musician who describes herself as “founded on faith n’ 90s country”. Her music has a 90s country influence and is splashed with her personality.


“Pamela is a double-threat – killer vocals and songwriting rolled into one artistic package.” - Clay Mills, Multi-Grammy nominated hit song writer. 


As a health coach, Pamela Mary devotes her spare time to improving her health and helping others. She is pursuing a doctorate in neuropsychology and plans to lead beach retreats for women diagnosed with MS. She is also an active member of and performs for the National MS Society and the Ovarcome ovarian cancer foundation. 


For more information, visit: www.pamelamarymusic.com



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